In a world with a mobile labor force, verifying academic qualifications (which are often needed for work visas) can be a slow and painful process. Vietnamese architect applying for a job in France? Russian developer seeking work in Germany? High school student applying for an internship abroad? When universities have to be contacted individually and employer references are verified over the phone or email, these processes consume time and money. Imagine a world where your certifications were written into a secure global data structure where they could not be deleted or altered.

What it does

E-DAppter stands for Ethereum and Distributed Apps. Our web application utilizes blockchain technology to ease international application processes. Potential employees request to be verified for certain qualifications, such as citizenship, degrees, criminal record, etc. The employees are required to create an Ethereum Account. National Government Agencies verify their qualifications and add their address to the contract. When companies are seeking to hire potential employees, they can search the contracts for the address that qualify. This simplifies the application process.

How we built it

We built this project utilizing blockchain technology and the Solidity programming language on Remix. We used GitHub as our platform to collaborate and share information. Sublime was used as a notepad for our code.

Challenges we ran into

Solidity is not an object oriented programming language and none of our team members had prior experience; this lead to several struggles while trying to write the smart contract, deploy to the network, and encrypt (hash) the addresses.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our idea is innovative and it is applicable for a broad range of audiences. We were able to communicate effectively and figure out how to code the smart contract.

What we learned

We learned how to program in solidity with remix. We also learned how to use blockchain technology and are interested in working on this project in the future.

What's next for E-DAppter

There are many applications for E-DAppter because it can be adapted by a broad range of users. Civic Duty: Representatives from the Government Agencies serve as volunteers. International Reach: As of now, the employers are based in the United States. We could broaden this in the future to reach other countries. Finances: We can extend this application in the future to incorporate methods to internationally pay employees efficiently. This way we will be fully utilizing the main function of blockchain technology by paying employees through ethers.

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