e-conomic is a Danish online financial system - - for small companies. Often the manager of the company have to contact the bookkeeper for sales report, meaning they can get it on the fly and did they actually get the report they wanted? etc.

We want to provide a simple Office Add-in for Excel that will give managers an easy way to get sales data.

What it does

All it takes is a valid e-conomic subscription and Microsoft Office 365. You will get data from e-conomic allowing you to create the reports that will give you value.

Using weekly or monthly sales reports with your team, may be the single most powerful action you can take to increase your team’s performance. For example, a typical sales report might incorporate data on sales volume observed per item or customer over a given period of time.

e-conomic report will get you actual sales from e-conomic to Excel and you will be able to create exactly the report you want. Simple and easy.

What's next for e-conomic Reporting Tool

Get the cost side

Please notice that the related video is in Danish.

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