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Owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world around us has changed. And it has changed permanently. What that means for us is that every single aspect of our livelihoods have suddenly changed. Who would have thought just a few months back that simple things like filling up a form, signing it, and mailing it will be considered “high risk” activities, which people will be scared to do! However, today's Insurance companies often have to comply with regulations that would require them to collect signatures from policy holders on different forms and perform some endorsements to their policies. One of our Insurance customers had called us with such a need to comply with a legislation, which would require them to ask their policy holders to fill in some forms, sign them and send them back. Non-compliance to this would result the company being non-compliant and forbidden to do business in that area. This was a significant challenge, as they couldn't ask their policy holders to sign and mail forms to them due to the Shelter-In-Place restrictions.

What it does

This Pega Marketing powered solution uses a multi-channel approach to solve this problem. At the very beginning, a campaign is defined which is targeted to a given customer segment, matching the criteria of customers impacted by the legislation. The segmentation criteria can be configured at any time in the downstream processing to better tune the process. This first campaign sends out emails to identified customers explaining the process and providing them a link to themselves fill up the endorsement forms and electronically sign the documents, which get automatically attached and stored under that customer's profile. For customers who won't open these emails, after some days, a second follow-up campaign is triggered, which sends text messages to these customers, asking for the same thing. This is the second leg of the solution. Finally, if after a certain period of time, there is no response from the customer, then for each of the customers a outbound phone call interaction is triggered and CSRs reach out to these customers via call and gets them to complete the formalities.

How we built it

We built this solution using Pega Marketing platform, in which, campaigns can be defined at run time, targeting a given segment of customers, and generate offers for the identified customers through a communication channel. For our case, the first campaign was called RegulatoryCampaign, which ran on a strategy containing the demographics of the campaign. This campaign was also targeted to a segment called RegulatoryAudience, which defined the impacted customers. This campaign was then left to run for every weekday for the next one month.

As a follow-up, an SMS campaign was created, which would run on the criteria of customers who, after 7 days, did not click the link in the email sent earlier to them. For these customers, the SMS campaign would then send text messages to these customers guiding them with the process

The phone channel was not built as part of this solution, but for the customers who didn't respond to either emails or texts, a case was created in the back office application to tackle these cases.

Challenges we ran into

From a technology perspective, we found it challenging to launch a Pega Mashup URL from a Pega Marketing Treatment email, as the current format does not allow the URL to be dynamically populated.

We also had to create a Twilio integration with Pega to send the SMS offers, as we didn't have AWS licenses for sending SMS the OOTB way.

Also, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the team that worked on this were all working from their homes, which presented a unique challenge of collaborating over the internet, which has its challenges, and it was difficult to create the team synergy that is so easily created during in-place hackathons. We felt, sometimes the team taking a break together also helps people to de-stress and be more productive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to present an omni-channel solution addressing any regulatory compliance requirements, which can be simply plugged and played at any real life scenario. This application was built end-to-end in 5 days, and we did this finding time from our day jobs (which typically takes the entire day).

Also, half of our team was in the UK and the other half in the US, time management was also a major challenge that we overcame and never let it dampen our rigor and commitment to see this to completion.

What we learned

As a team, we learned a lot about the Pega Marketing platform, which can really provide powerful insights to the whole process. For instance, we figured out that the click rates and success rates, which are OOTB KPIs of the Pega Marketing product, can be used as an overall success indicator of the compliance project. This can be a game-changer for companies implementing regulatory projects. The Marketing manager dashboard reports would give a clear understanding of how well the customers are becoming compliant, without a single line of code written to report this information. Also, we learnt that the native Docusign connector in PEGA can be used readily to connect with any e-Signature workflow. We defined a trial connection to Docusign to test out solution. We also leveraged the OOTB signature capture feature of PEGA for cases where the implementing company does not have Docusign license, so that this solution does not have a dependency on Docusign.

What's next for e-Comply?

  • Creating Outbound phone call interactions for the non-compliant customers
  • Implementing Federated Case Management to tie back manual reconciliation cases with the campaign triggered items, to provide even better and transparent reporting.

Built With

  • Pega Platform (v8.4)
  • Pega Marketing (v8.4)
  • Docusign (optional),
  • Twilio (optional),
  • CSS,
  • Javascript.
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