My inspiration was My friends who were doing great in web development

What it does

OurKart is a firebase based Project that allows user to buy Electronic and digital products at effective price, also user can add them to cart and favourites too, categories are provided for better UX

eveything mentioned above is dyanmicly rendered with the power of React.js

How I built it

Well to start, I designed the whole thing in figma (Fignma Link - ) then I tried to build each component step by step, after all routes and components were done properly i decided to create a product description page and finally added authentication to the project

Challenges we ran into

Most difficult part was builidng cart for the app, Manage all the products in the different component and calculating sum of them along with increasing and decreasing quintity of product asynchronously

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

That I won "Best Project of Final Year 2021" award of my college, also i got so many positive reviews from my friends and other professional web developer friends

What we learned

I Learned how to handle asynchronouse data and render it dynamically. also learned how Firebase Authenctication and firebase works

What's next for E-commerce web app using react.js

I planned to add offers page, discount couopens and their validation and also payment gatway using stripe.js

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