Team Member: Abhishek Dixit Domain: E-commerce Targeted Audiences: Farmers, Normal Public above(16+ years) Idea: With the green revolution, farmers of our country are producing good crops(wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane etc). They sell their crop to the government after harvest season in respective ‘mandi’ of their area. The money they receive in return is pre-set by the state/central government and that is called MSP(Maximum selling price). I see a few limitations in this model and they are given below: 1. Less MSP(MSP) set by the government: It is observed on numerous occasions that farmers are not happy with the MSP price set by the government which results in national wide agitations. 2. The Poor storage facility at ‘Mandi’: After the harvest season, the ‘mandi’ are bound to purchase the crops from farmers. Most of the time these ‘mandi’ don't have proper storage facilities and the crops are left in open under the sky. Most of the crops get washed by monsoon shower or get spoiled due to heat which leads to a shortage of foodgrains in the country. My Solution: To solve these and many other problems related to this model I have thought of making an E-commerce platform. Using this platform farmers can announce their crop production, its harvest time and their location. Normal public users(food grain buyers, wholesale dealers etc) can view foodgrains availability in their area and can contact the respective farmer and get the foodgrain or they can get it home delivered. This model will remove ‘mandi’ system from the supply chain to some extent. Farmers can sell their crops on their price and also the buyer will get it in cheap rates since they are getting it directly from the producer and no middleman is involved in the process. The main aim of my model is to connect crop producing farmer community with the potential buyers in the nearby area and across the country.

Technology Stack: I have planned to make a responsive web app on MEAN stack, for the hackathon where FrontEnd is in Angular6, Backend is in Nodejs and Database is in MySQL. RabbitMQ will be used as a message broker.

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