1) Inspiration

The pilgrims are Allah’s guests and they came from across countries. And we are trying to facilitate our knowledge and experience to help them as much as we can. From our experience most of places at Mena and Arfa has unique numbers that knowing by scouts. So, it’s hard for regular pilgrim to know it. And, it happened that pilgrim get lost during the nosuk time in hajj and he will try to get back to his camp ASAP. From other hand the guidance organizations needs to help their pilgrim with safe guiding track. The Saudi government organized scouts’ groups with more than 7000 members according to (Alhayat, 2017) and working in total 1,088,000 hours to solve this issue according to (Ajeel, 2017). But even the scouts are facing problems if someone lost very far from his camp. They are using old school maps in hands approach. That’s cost too much time and effort and time is money. Also, according to (Ajeel, 2017) Hajj of year 1438 Hijri they worked on 153,011 lost situations. We are thinking how we can make every pilgrim find his way to his camp or somebody he knows without talking or asking for help. From that point of view, we start to study the situation and trying to solve it using recent technology and making very good platform helps multiple sides.

2) What it does

  • 2.1) Guiding pilgrim to his fix location camp (Restaurants, Hospital, etc.).
  • 2.2) Guiding pilgrim to the person in charge from his camp. (Dynamic location)
  • 2.3) Adding friends to request root to them after approval. (Dynamic location)
  • 2.4) Guiding the hajji to camp mates after approval. (Dynamic location)
  • 2.5) Monitoring pilgrim from authority side. (only for person in-charge)
  • 2.6) Requesting ambulance for emergency.

3) How its build

We are using multiple technologies to help the biggest number of clients. And we are planning to even use more technology available, helpful and useful in future. For now, we are using the below technologies for the three levels: *Backend* using Firebase with google cloud services.

    High level language\
  • 1- Android
  • 2- IOS

Front end\ Dynamic interface

4) Challenges we are facing

  • 4.1) Identify the exact location for every camp.
  • 4.2) Keep tracking each client to locate his location and his requested location with very high accuracy.
  • 4.3) Cellular networking and data traffic during hajj season.

5) Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • 5.1) Serving Allah guests.
  • 5.2) Facilitate and develop our experience for all pilgrims.
  • 5.3) Creating Solution that will help our clients.
  • 5.4) Contribute with each other and with our field colleague.

6) What we learned

Events as Hajj hackathons make us try to do our best to help and know each other as IT community. Knowing new technology and trying to work on it and deliver good product to customers.

7) What’s next for E-34-Lesslost

Now we are using only smart phones to implement our solution but, in the future, we planning to use hardware to make it easier for old people and, we are planning to create a platform that will help multiple sides in hajj season (Pilgrims, Hospitals, polices and other parties)_.

8) List of not implemented requirements and reasons.

  • 8.1) Smart watch.
  • 8.2) Web-based platform.
  • 8.3) Supplying drugs for patients.
  • 8.4) Reports
  • 8.5) Emergency force report.
  • 8.6) Sending evidence to particular side.
  • 8.7) Printing patient’s profile in ambulance.
  • 8.8) Finding available hospital.
  • 8.9) Choose the risk of situation and send it to the ambulance.

Reason\ Time is the first reason and the cost is second. Also, we need to use more technology that need more effort, environment and testing process.

9) Business analysis

  • 9.1) Guidance organizations We found some numbers online for guidance organizations:-
    • They employed 10,000 persons.
    • Average of salary 2000 SAR/Emp during 15 days
    • That’s mean 20 Millions Saudi riyals for only 15 days.
    • .

  • 9.2) Scouts
  • Ministry of hajj and ministry of education are collaborate together to recruit teenagers to help lost pilgrims.

    • They recruited 7000 members last hajj season with reward 1,500 SAR/Person. That’s mean 10 Millions Saudi riyal.
    • Still they are facing issues because the multi-cultures of pilgrims that they are facing and some of operation process doesn’t fit with some situations.
  • 9.3) Our Software
  • We calculated our cost and time at worst case scenario even our numbers. We are planning to use 500 scouts member first year to give the pilgrim the knowledge that our system is exist. After the second and third year will be more less that before:-
    • Cost of building powerful platform: 250,000 SAR (Estimation).
    • Salaries for our scouts member 750,000 SAR for 15 days operation (1,500 SAR/Member).
    • Yearly Maintenance is 50,000 SAR.

    We are planning to sell our product to whom interested but the main goal is helping the pilgrim. In case we sell our product to guidance organizations as subscription (10 SAR/Pilgrim).

10) Conclusion

First thing we must thank you for this amazing opportunity to help Allah’s guests and we believe that we all winners. Secondly for effort, cost and effort for this App. We must calculate how much is really cost and how we can make it more bigger, powerful, useful and continuously helping. We are expecting that first year will cost us for operation expenses 800,000 SAR instead of 10 Millions for scouts budget. And the revenue from our software is 2,000,000 SAR. That’s mean 1.2 Million net profit (NOT including development the project).

11) Bibliography

_ Ajeel. (2017, 11 8). بالأرقام.. الكشافة السعودية تُعلن إنجازات موسم الحج. (M. Aldosari, Editor) Retrieved Aug 2, 2018, from Ajeel: link Alhayat. (2017, 8 16). «الكشافة السعودية» من 100 إلى 7 آلاف في 2017. (O. Albadawi, Editor) Retrieved Aug 2, 2018, from Alhayat: link

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