Inspiration -

Every year, the holy city of Mecca welcomes millions of pilgrims. A recurring issue since time unknown has been the absolute volume of people and the micro level breakdown in communications leading to people displacement. AWN - Advanced Workers Network - seeks to utilize the generosity of the volunteer services in a more efficient and practical method, ensuring that help and assistance is readily provided and easily accessed.

What it does -

AWN connects all hojjaj with the network of volunteers deployed in their vicinity. It provides a simple one-click solution to any issues the hojjaj might be facing as well as empowering all hojjaj to be facilitators in raising alerts regarding running problems and alarms for emergent situations.

How we built it -

Challenges we ran into -

On the software side we ran into a recurring error "Project SDK is not defined" We were able to solve the SDK issues by telling IntelliJ to locate our Android SDK, directing to the installed directory.

The linking of the app and the hojjaj was another issue we pondered a long time over. We initially wanted to make it accessible for all hojjaj by making it part of the Hajj Ministry's offerings - but a more practical method finalized was to offer it as a free for all app available on play store for people interested in connecting with the volunteers network.

Accomplishments that we're proud of -

We are extremely happy that we were able to identify a pressing need and come up with a practical solution to the need. AWN will provide hojjaj an effective solution to everyday issues and enrich the actual experience of Haj by resolving all issues they might be facing on a daily basis. AWN will also be able to highlight and single out the volunteers who are first responders and thus provide them their deserved recognition. It will encourage more people to register as volunteers and lead to better communication and response among all stakeholders. The unique feature is it enables hojjaj to contribute as a volunteer.

What we learned -

To provide solution in a challenging environment. Enabling Hajjis to optimize resources.

What's next for E-018-Awn -

We will complete the technical aspects of application. This will be an exciting product to launch in sha Allah. See our video message for current stage.

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