A travel in the desert 2 years ago, meeting with tradesmen and carpet craftswomen in Ghardaïa and Timimoun gave inspiration to shed light on the ancient tradition of Algerian carpets.

What it does

The project enables customer in Europe to access to unique product from Algerian carpet know-how. These carpets can be a collection of modernized carpets with traditional patterns or semi-personalized carpets, based on the choice of patterns, colors and size. It also aims at promoting and valuing History and Culture around the carpet, while aiming at keeping a part of the revenue to social and environmental issues in the desert.

How we built it

We built Authentica's value on current competitors positioning on the value chain and expected market trends.

Challenges we ran into

  • Even if the European market is promising, it is difficult to be sure about customer adoption of the product
  • Understanding the legal context of the importation from Algeria requires time and assistance from experts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A first prototype of the website that would showcase the products and the personalization functionality
  • A first version of the 4-year business plan
  • A customer adoption approach
  • A vision of key European competitors and our positioning in the value chain
  • A value proposition with short, medium and long-term vision

What we learned

  • Deepen understanding of a business plan
  • Team work with different background and a limited and intensive workload to produce a fist Minimum Value Product requires fluid communication and clarity around the common objective
  • Coaching in such projects is a catalyst for team motivation and support

What's next for Authentica

  • Test customer interest via Hotjar (a testing platform to track customer behaviours and interest on the website
  • Register the company with the Trade and companies register
  • Secure the first network of women carpet craftsmen of intermediaries (for the first step)
  • Secure a first team (developer, delivery, com, etc.) and first prototypes of products and "showcase" site
  • Create the communication identity and launch a first communication and marketing campaign
  • Validate interest and first production with a crowdfunding

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