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Created by: Sohil Athare, Andrew Yang, Anonymous Member, and Arnav Shah

Dystic, an app for disabled individuals to find jobs that can satisfy and meet your personal condition. With our app, we will specifically show you the available jobs around you as a disabled person. We are giving you the same financial opportunities as everyone else in the community. Our AI Algorithm can build a resume instantly without you worrying about how to write a good resume. If you can’t decide on which job position to apply, simply save them to your account until you are ready. Having trouble using our application, our human-friendly chatbot that will simulate a real-life job agent, you can get the solutions you need without having any technical skills. With Dystic, finding a stable career with disabilities will no longer be a difficulty in our community.


In many communities around the world, COVID-19 has devastated the job industries. Millions of Layoffs in the United States alone. One of the most impacted communities from this pandemic is the disabled community. We were hit close to home with this.

What it does

Using various Google APIs we find Jobs that a person with a disability can work for. Along with this, we have an AI-powered resume builder. We also make it possible to adapt various accessibilities such as vision impairment with Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text

How we built it

We used various Google Cloud Products and APIs for our project:

  • Firebase Authentication - Login and Signup Users
  • Firebase Firestore - Storage of User Info
  • Firebase Cloud Storage - Store Resume Files
  • Firebase Hosting - Host our site
  • Google Analytics - Understand Users on the Platform
  • Google Maps API - Place Locations where Jobs are at
  • Cloud Talent Search - Find Jobs and Add Jobs with ML built-in
  • Cloud NLP - Analyze Resume Content
  • Dialogflow - Make a User-Friendly Chatbot
  • Node.js & Express.js - frameworks
  • Adobe XD - design
  • Bootstrap - CSS Framework

Challenges we ran into

We faced many challenges with our project.

  1. Cloud Talent Search would return many Google Server Errors which would need many workarounds
  2. Firebase Hosting issues
  3. Node and Express had a hard time with the Firebase as a backend
  4. Limited Google Cloud Experience
  5. Limited amount of Google Cloud credits
  6. Unable to use Node modules on browser DOM with vanilla JavaScript.
  7. Unable to bypass Google's security system when making API calls.
  8. Difficulties merging frontend with the backend.

Slowly but surely we resolved every problem we had faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We are proud of using the Google Cloud Platform
  • We are proud that we will be able to start sharing this platform after this hackathon is over
  • We are proud that people will be able to use this
  • We are proud of overcoming our obstacles
  • We were able to accomplish all functionalities
  • Most of all we had fun!

What we learned

We learned so much throughout the course of the hackathon. This included using the Google Cloud in our project as best we can. As this is considered a COVID-19 project because of our approach, we wanted to make sure the users had the best experience with our product which Google Cloud allowed us to do. We all didn't have much prior experience in Google Cloud but now we will continue to use it.

What's next for Dystic

  • Implement more Google Cloud products
  • Deploy this into production and have people use it
  • Solve some issues that we encountered into a permanent fix with the Google Cloud
  • Add more features
  • Get feedback
  • Deploy this into production and to make accessible


We received $2,350 from Google as part of the Google Cloud Covid-19 Fund to continue our project

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