Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability or disorder that includes poor word reading, word decoding, oral reading fluency and spelling.

According to Austin Learning Solutions , every 1 in 10 people are dyselxic, and over 40 million American Adults are dyslexic, but only 2 million know about it. They also state that with proper training and education dyslexic people can learn successfully. As a responsible citizen of the world, and with the technological knowledge that we possess, we thought tht we should do something about it.

What it does

Dyslexify is an application-based aid that was built through Android Studio. The data received by the user is saved into the app to create the permuted words. An OCR (Optical Character Recognition) algorithm is used to Dyslexify a picture of text to an easy to read font for the user.

How We built it

We initially divided our team in two groups: one group working on android app development, and the other group researching on developing an efficient algorithm for OCR, keeping in mind the maximum problems that can be included in that. We also consulted a fellow hacker who has dyslexia, and it strengthened our

Challenges We ran into

Since none of our group members were dyslexic or had someone in their circle, who had dyslexia, we did not have the first hand experience about the problem. However, since we were determined to take every possible action in order to solve this, we did some onine research as well as tried to find someone who can give us a first-hand account of the problems. Luckily, we found one of the fellow hackers here, who had dyslexia and were able to discuss this sensitive topic of dyslexia with him. After the conversation and some brainstorming, and keeping in mind the limited time of the hackathon, we decided to tackle few of the problems, including the image recognition and inverted appearance of the letters.

Apart from not knowing the team members in the beginning, only a couple of our team members had any background in android development. Hence in past 24 hours everyone learned android development and also tried implementing it while learning.

Our other challenge was to develop an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) algorithm that extracted letters from the image as well as correctly identified the right letter.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are proud of whatever we accomplished, given the fact that we had almost no experience working with Android development, and we are proud that we were able to introduce to a healthy hacking experience to one of our teammates, for whom this was the first hackathon.

What We Learned

We learned a lot this year at DragonHacks. Admittedly, certain parts of our user interface was lacking a great design element. Others still used some bad coding convention that would get even the newest developers scolded. At the end of the day, we created a product that worked, and embodied our vision of being able to help those in need.

What's next for Dyslexify

  • We are going to add additional functionalities to our application, and try to get involved with some 'learning solutions' provider so that we can understand the issues in more detail, and find ways to tackle it.
  • We also plan on reaching out to more people affected by dyslexia and get their thoughts on our product.
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