Many people have heard of dyslexia but not a similar learning disorder dyscalculia. We wanted to shine some light on that as well. It affects a percentage of the world and many struggle with it without knowing. People with dyscalculia have trouble with math at many levels. They often struggle with key concepts like bigger vs. smaller. And they can have a hard time doing basic math problems and more abstract math. So we think why not we go for its diagnosis by creating a software which helps to identify and overcome the disability.

What it does

It gives resources to those with dyscalculia and also games to help improve their skills. It gives good information and also links to websites with more information.

How I built it

We do lot's of research related to this problem of learning arithmetic calculation which is serious issue. We built our web app using HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and do lots of research.

Challenges I ran into

First challenge is Time zone of teammates and next is some people leave the project in between which affects our idea implementation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finishing the project and being able to make something that gives to the community and helps a learning disability.

What I learned

First we learn about Dyscalculia that what actually is ? then we go for the diagnosis part that how someone Identify that he or she is suffer from it or not and then We go for solution that how we overcome this.

What's next for Dyscalculia

Growing our resources and helping connect those who have dyscalculia to our website and provide some fun related learning which helps them to learn the mathematics and overcome this disease of "Dyscalculia".

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