After investing in Rexmls's ICO I realized that it was extremely risky and difficult for the average joe to participate in ICOs. ICOs represent the ownership of future distributed applications that will literally fuck shit up, like fuck up everything, like no industry is safe.

So... I thought, hey the average joe should be able to easily purchase assets in these new super distributed applications that will change the world.

Right now, me as a developer am almost having a heart attack making sure that the ICO contract address isn't wrong and that my money doesn't go into a black hole.

So I talked to Antoine (Local Toronto Blockchain Genius) and told him, hey is there an app out there that makes it easy for anyone it participate in ICOs.

He said no.

And Dyno Wallet was born.

I later met Alex (Dyno Soldier / 5 Star General) who suggested that some profits from a Users Token Portfolio should be redirected to pay off their debts, and I said sure why not.


Pledge Allegiance to My Empire:

"I Pledge to bring Ownership of Technology to The People.

I Pledge to Contribute to The Empire in whatever way I can.

I Pledge Allegiance to The Dyno Empire."​

  • Dyno Empire Pledge of Allegiance, Circa 2017.

Copy Cats will be mercilessly trampled by my Legions. So I don't really give a fuck. This is more a political / social experiment than a single app.

There can only be One King.

There can only be One Dyno Empire.

Do your own shit lol.

  • King Jibar, Dyno Empire.


Buy some Dyno Tokens. Pre ICO $1 for 10,000 DYT. Email to buy your Tokens. You will be glad you did. $$$$ x 10

And Join our Army!

Free Training in Java, JavaScript, Android, and Solidity! Did I mention Free!

Sign up here --->

What it does

It lets an idiot use his credit card to buy Tokens in New Distributed Applications built on the Ethereum Blockchain. It also helps pay off your debts, and one day rain in Universal Basic Income!

How we built it

It's still under construction.

Challenges we ran into

None so far. It seems pretty straight forward.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Raised like $14,500 Dollars. Have some Investor trying to sign us for $50,000. And will likely raise 1 to 10 Million before we ICO New Year's Eve! Drake, The Weeknd, And Migos will be there!

What we learned

Blockchain is the Future. Everything else is the Past.

What's next for Dyno Wallet

World Domination.

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