We decided to solve Topic 3 and develop a tool related to sustainable transportation, as we felt that city transit affects us greatly and has been having many problems (especially during COVID)

What it does

Somebody who wants to transit somewhere in Calgary can go on DynaTransit and plan their route, which they can see planned in real time. Before their trip they will get an email or text confirmation of the final route and trip time. DynaTransit works by using machine learning to dynamically generate routes that combine multiple starts and destinations of the app’s users. Closer stops are grouped together using an AI algorithm, this allows for fewer stops for the bus and improves overall efficiency. These routes are then assigned buses that are deployed on the day the trip is planned for.

How we built it

Flask for website back-end, JavaScript for front end, City of Calgary and HERE Maps APIs, and Python for machine learning.

Challenges we ran into

GitHub conflicts wasted a lot of time, as well as trying to get features to work for many hours that we were ultimately not able to complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using multiple APIs, being able to plan the best bus route, making a nice UI/UX, getting GitHub to work eventually, and collaborating in various ways :)

What we learned

We learned a lot of Flask and JavaScript as well as API practices. We also learned a lot of Git Commands.

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