We were frustrated with downloading the Hack Western Android app every time it updates. We figured it would be nice if there has an open-source library so that developer can change content in real-time; therefore, users don't have to re-download the app everytime it updates.

What it does

DynamoUI is an Open-Source Android developer library for changing a published app at Real-time. After logging in and authenticating, the client can use our simple UI to make real time changes to various app components such as the text, images, buttons, and theme at real-time. This app has immense potential for extensibility and uses such as a/b testing, data conglomeration and visualization.

How we built it

We use Firebase for synchronizing data between Android and the Web platform, and AngularJs to make use of 3 way binding between the markup, js, and database. The mobile client constantly listens for changes on the database and makes changes accordingly through the use of our extended UI Classes.

Challenges we ran into

Synchronizing data between AngularJS and Firebase was not always straightforward and well documented for special cases.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Published an Open-Source library for the use of other Android apps in real-time.

What I learned

Making Android library, AngularJS and Firebase

What's next for DynamoUI

Implement A/B testing so marketers can determine which versions perform better in real time.

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