DynamoDB - CRUD Implementations for academic project.

DynamoDB - Ecommerce is an application which is developed for the Database System Implementation Course in my Masters Program at Rochester Institute of Technology.

It is an ecommerce application developed in java using AWS - SDK for Java. I had implemented it to test all the working of the CRUD Operations of the DynamoDB with the use of the Java Code.

From creating objects to retrieving the items from a table is done in this project.

The contents include: - JSP Pages to connect and src,bin folder which contain the source code of the project.

Contents The Contents of the project include - JSP Pages which are developed to list all the records in a table. src- folder > Contents are all the source code files which are developed to connect in java bin - folder > Contains all the class files of the src.

Environment Developed - Java - 1.8, JSP and AWS - DynamoDB

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