The application is designed and tailored for woman who feel that they are underrepresented and oppressed for not following the typical path of receiving a 4 year degree and moving to a fixated carrier. We are here to change that. We are expressing to the to woman of all diverse stories and letting them that they still have a chance to succeed WITHOUT a degree and can be more than capable to receive more than they make now while living a reasonable life alleviated from high stress. The typical response from a woman is they are too busy, too many bills, school takes long. Well Dynamo offers the ability to see clear results of obtaining certificates tailored towards the individuals interest and experience. We show a clear upgrade from their current standing in salary. For example a woman may feel she cannot get a job in H.R because she has no degree, but little does she know that there are certificates that offer at least a 10% increase in salary with minimal amount of time. The goal of dynamo is show that the time lapse for receiving a certificate for an expertise you want to obtain without having to spend too much time from your ordinary life. We want to be transparent and accurate with our metrics and be aggressive with your growth. Whether you are a woman of any race, veteran or criminal background we are her eto show you there is an opportunity for you.

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