Over one in four Americans suffer from serious skin diseases, and two-thirds of those with skin conditions in the US can’t afford dermatology and because of that, don’t see a dermatologist. They then turn to the internet, which is free, but very time-consuming because you’ll have to sift through all the search results that come up. That’s why we created DynamicDerma, a website that helps identify skin diseases, inform the user about them, and tell them where to get it cured.

What it does

DynamicDerma is a user-friendly website with two main functions, the first being the skincare evaluator. All users have to do is upload an attachment of an image, and using machine learning, it will compare the image with the 20+ common skin diseases in our database. It will then inform users about what disease they have, its symptoms, when to see a doctor, how to treat it, and a few sample images. Next, there’s the dermatologist map, which uses Google Maps to help users find the closest dermatologists so that they can get care quickly and reliably.

How we built it

For the front end we used HTML/CSS to create the website and make it user-friendly. For the back end, we used Node JS and used a free upload service called Cloudinary to host all of the images that we later lookup for the skincare evaluator. For the map, all we needed to do was use an embed in the HTML.

Challenges we ran into

  • At one point our Google Images JavaScript library stopped working, but it eventually came on again. (If our skincare evaluator doesn't work at some point, the library probably had a temporary outage)
  • We went through around 10 Google Image API’s before we found a good one

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to work effectively while staying at our own houses to reduce the spread of Covid-19
  • We managed to create a Node JS server that worked with our HTML/CSS/JavaScript website

What we learned

  • We increased our knowledge of backend servers
  • We learned to never look up skin diseases gain or we’ll get nightmares

What's next for DynamicDerma

  • Add more skin diseases to our database so no user will have unanswered questions
  • Add an in-browser-camera so users will go through less hassle
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