Our submission seeks to redesign clinical trial information to increase access, align incentives, and empower patients to make informed decisions by rethinking every aspect of clinical trial listings from the perspective of the end-user.

We’ve worked to improve the clinical trial information experience for clinicians, researchers, and patients (most importantly). We’ve made it more efficient, simpler, added depth, increased functionality, and aligned incentives to improve the entire process.

This begins with our dashboard, which provides immediate access to the most important trial information. We've also compartmentalized trial information to guide users through the process and allow them to quickly find the information they need.

In addition to restructuring and reorganizing information, we've also added depth and presented information more intuitively by allowing users to quickly define complex terms and by revisualizing trial data.

Finally, we've added functionality to improve ease of use and participant engagement including the ability for trial viewers to ask questions and discuss the trial with others and even pre-register online.

We hope that these changes improve the clinical trial experience for each of the stakeholders involved, and are currently developing web and mobile apps to realize the potential impact of our design.

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