The inspiration is hard to explain, i wanted to learn about Xamarin and I ended thinking about a push notification app for team work enhancement

What it does

Actually, it didn't get as far as I wanted due to problems with NuGet I couldn't make the push notifications, but the basic interface and azure conection was succesfully done.

How I built it

I builded with Xamarin in Visual Studio

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time I did anything on C#, so it was a big challenge for me. XAML was new either and NuGet was a real pain...

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to finish the basic interface, fighting agains sneezes and surrounded by RedBulls... The code was something difficult for me, and the adaptation to VisualStudio wasn't easy... But I made it

What I learned

Lots of Xamarin and C# coding.

What's next for Dynamic Lists Project

End the pushup notifications and be able to fight agains NuGet to deploy the project to Android.

Built With

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