Inspired by the dull and boring advertisement boards conveniently placed at every bus stop across the island, this project aims to transform those advertisement boards into more interactive objects to the everyday public transport user. Imagine walking to the bus stop, and when you step near the advertisement board, ads that are tailored to your interests immediately show up. It would not only attract one's attention, but will also distract them from the possibly long waiting time for the bus.

Another source of inspiration came from Singapore's vision to become a Smart Nation. In 2014, the Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong had said: "The Smart Nation is not just a slogan – it is a rallying concept for all of us to work together to transform our future together because there are endless possibilities waiting to be dreamed of.". This project was built with the sole aim of playing a part in the realisation of the smart nation concept.

Outdoor/Indoor billboard advertisement has always played an important part in Singapore's advertising space. Every bus stop was fit with a advertisement board, and major landmarks might offer large screens to showcase different products for consumers. Interest-based advertisements has become a norm since the mobile age, where major players like Google, Facebook and Youtube display advertisements based on their viewer's interests.

In 2012, a research shows 88% of Singaporeans own smartphones (BlackBox, 2012). Therefore, mobile devices can act as a personal digital identity. Recently, mobile phone chipsets support a broadcasting protocol that use low energy. The phone can use of this feature to broadcast its identify at a regular interval to communicate with the physical world. In this way, we can develop a common framework for them to communicate.

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