We often hear from customers with very unique use cases that they'd like to customize Jira fields in a very specific way, using their existing data. With current apps in the Jira ecosystem, there are a lot of custom fields already available - however, they always fit a very specific use case and cannot be adjusted easily. We'd like to enable our customers to use truly dynamic custom fields that can be fine-tuned according to their very specific needs, and kept in sync when issue data changes automatically.

What it does

Dynamic Fields for Jira provides the capability to add truly dynamic fields to Jira, using "Jira expressions" to compute their values whenever an issue is created or changed. Dynamic fields can be viewed in issue search, reporting or the issue view and can also be used to filter results based on ranges or values using JQL.

How I built it

I utilized Atlassian Connect and our proven infrastructure for our Atlassian apps. Also, the feedback from my colleagues at codefortynine was invaluable as we tweaked the app until it was worthy to be submitted to the Atlassian Marketplace.

Challenges I ran into

Jira expressions are very flexible, but also have some limitations that our updating algorithm needs to work around. For example, it would take very long if we'd evaluate each expression for every single issue, but may also be too complex to update many issues at once. Finding the right balance between complexity and efficiency was no easy task and I'm sure we can make more improvements as we gain experience with customers using our app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Developing the initial version of Dynamic Fields for Jira within 4 weeks, while also organizing our move into a new office, was definitely a challenge.

What I learned

I learned a lot about Jira expressions, its amazing capabilities but also about its current limitations. Also it is truly inspiring how custom fields can be used for a wide variety of use cases within Jira.

What's next for Dynamic Fields for Jira

I'm sure we can add a lot of templates and more capabilities once our first customers start using Dynamic Fields for Jira.

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