Large Organizations have a variety of operations team who are dependent on e-mail based processes to track requests, manage the teams and work requests.

These teams have a number of challenges including -

  1. High volume of requests which are dependent on manual case assignment based on review of the requests.
  2. Since teams use mail as a channel of communication, there is a Lack of single view of Case, Limited Audit Trail of case, Lack of Reporting and Queue Management.
  3. Apart from this, they have to deal with Cluttering of Important and Not Important data in Mails

TCS Intelligent Case Management System enables a seamless migration for such teams to a Digital Transformation Platform and to lay the framework for future growth. The Solution brings the benefits of Appian's Case Management and Artificial Intelligence through Google AutoML together to enable optimized target state Digital Platform. Natural Language processing is used for classification of the incoming requests and assignment to right skilled consultants in the team.

Solution Details

TCS' Intelligent Case Management solution Provides -

  1. Multi-Channel Case Creation - It can receive cases through Email Requests or those submitted online form the application.
  2. SPAM Detection - Identification of SPAM requests based on rule based analysis of requests.
  3. AI based Case Classification - The valid cases will be evaluated with Google AutoML using a pre-trained ML model to classify the incoming cases into Case Types.
  4. Skill based Assignment - The system is also configured to assign cases to the resolver based on the Case Types. This enables skill based Auto Assignment of the incoming requests, without any manual intervention.
  5. Case Records - The System also provides Active and History Cases to enable seamless access to cases.
  6. Appian Reports - The Pre-built reports provides Case Tracking based on SLA and also review of the Machine Learning Accuracy.

How we built it

The Solution is built using Appian Low Code Platform considering the Appian best Practices. The development was done in phases with the Machine Learning classification using Google Auto ML done with Sample Request data into case types. Appian Connected Systems enabled seamless AI Solutions to resolve the most common use case in all organizations.

What's next for Intelligent Case Management

The solution is further being enhanced with more features including -

  1. Managing rule based case routing in cases where AI based routing is not needed.
  2. Management of Google AutoML Training process from Appian to setup seamless user management for the process.
  3. Ability to extract content from the requests to enable downstream Straight Through Processing

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