An app that allows shill to be tracked and compared against price changes. I idea is too empower users with as many analysis tools as possible. Predicting prices changes in a market as volatile as the cryptocurrency market is a nearly impossible feat. However, with the help of technical analysis, most professionals are able to predict when a crash is imminent and other factors akin. I idea behind dyCryptrends is to take advantage of this facet and the general hype train that forms when a currency is getting ready to take off. Using the power of social media and playing around with detecting market manipulation by big players such as bears and bulls, deCryptrends aims to cut straight to the chase in prediction. It helps empower those smaller players that may not have an economics or statistics heavy background and proceeds to make the playing field more even. Additionally, users are allowed to come to their own conclusions with the various data collected and analysis provided in a straight forward fashion.

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