To attempt to visually represent taste and odour complaints in a context of District Metering Area and Water Quality Zone, as well as provide comparison between complaints over time and jobs carried out on the water system over time.

How we built it

Google Maps API, Javascript & Jquery, Bootstrap, Python, Django, PostGIS, GeoJSON

Challenges we ran into

Joining of data together (complaints to DMA to WQZ over time) was difficult, though we managed through linking on DMA identifier.

What's next for Dwaine's Dashboard

  • Option for Job Count per WQZ as well as per DMA
  • Ability to enter jobs to the platform whilst in the field on mobile to ensure that all jobs get logged properly
  • Job visibility factor logging?
  • Prediction of complaints from type of job in a certain DMA from historic data in that DMA
  • A complaint to job (and job length) ratio - heat map this instead?
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