Aaron bought a DVD player and (what he thought was) an N64 controller from a thrift shop. Turns out, the N64 controller was actually a bootleg Japanese NES - a Famicom console!

What it does

It doesn't work at the moment, but it is supposed to play the NES games on the portable DVD screen. It's basically a big NES console, honestly.

How we built it

We gutted the DVD player and bootleg NES first. After some internet digging, we found the datasheet for the SOC - and discovered the video input was pin 200. Of course, the pins are the size of eyelashes, so we had to find another way. We found that the ribbon cable also contains the video input, but cutting the wire raised too much of a risk of killing the screen.

Challenges we ran into

The general conversion of the video formats is difficult, and still has not been completed. We are too afraid of frying the board or ruining the bootleg NES, especially since we have no spare parts. We also managed to nicked the ribbon cable for the backlight, so we ended up using an about:blank page and taping the screen to my laptop.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We figured out where the video input pin was on the SOC, which was fairly difficult (again, size of eyelashes). We also believe our idea was fairly unique, and was a complete hardware project.

What we learned

Non lead solder doesn't work well. Also, capacitors smoke when the overheat.

What's next for DVD player to NES

Get it to work!

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