Our team consists of Priyanka Jhooty, Danica Davies and Eman Abbasi. We are all students at Aston University going into our second year of study. For our submission we decided to use Unity, coding in C#, to create a game which has been named 'GOOSE' for some reason (although even stranger, the executable file of our game is AGSS.exe and I cannot, for the life of me, remember what AGSS stands for :/ )

All files and assets used (and not used) have been uploaded - except for the main menu music, because the file is too big and GitHub doesn't like it.


Set in a world where geese are (EA:rightfully, in my opinion) hated, we follow the story of one brave goose called Paul.

Paul the Goose has been captured by the evil krone Karen and is set to be cooked and eaten by her gang of entitled Boomers. Seeing his demise fast approaching, Paul makes one last daring move to escape. Wriggling out of Karen's grasp, he makes a mad dash outside. While hiding from an enraged Karen, the wind suddenly blows a flyer his way. What's this! A Geese Rescue Center? Now knowing where he must go, Paul makes his way out into the city in hopes of finding sanctuary.

How to Play

GOOSE is effectively an endless runner type game. While Paul makes his way to the Geese Rescue Center, he will have to duck underneath protestors and jump over children. Colliding with any obstacle in his way will lead to an instant Game Over. The game is time controlled - right now you will have to surviive for 30 seconds before the gates to the Goose Rescue Center will appear. Once they do, just hop on over! (Note: timer was set to 30 seconds for demo purposes - ordinarily it would be longer)


Inspiration for the game came from both the geese that can be found on Aston campus, but also the Goose we adopted for Danica's birthday called Paul! Paul the goose was severely mistreated before hatching his own escape plan and taken to an animal sanctuary, and so we decided to base our character on him :)

Special Thanks To

Toby Cotton for letting us use his GCSE Music compositions as background music for our game!


Please do not use any of the images or audio files uploaded. Thank You :)

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