Our Inspiration

It was a cool day in physical education class in school. Each day, we were forced to keep loose papers safe. Even if these papers were salvaged, the process has a great impact on the human mind. Therefore, we decided that the best way to solve our problems were to find an easier way to keep track of this data. Then the idea hit us! An app that keeps track of one's physical fitness and relieves users of the hassle of managing loose papers was a revolutionary idea that would change physical education in schools forever!

What it does

The app connects to a Pebble watch to provide the best user experience! As you exercise in class or do any physical activity, you can easily input it into your watch which will send it to your own account on the Durim website. This data will be represented in stats and many graphs that yields a easy and simple user interface. Help your teachers out also by sending your data directly to your teacher through Durim. We provide two different accounts, a teacher and student in order to incorporate this idea.

How we built it

To build the app, we built a web platform that corresponds with the Pebble app. We built it using multiple technologies such as javascript, Parse, highcharts.js, etc. Putting all these together, we were able to build the ultimate fitness website for our users!

Challenges we ran into

During our experience, we ran into multiple challenges, but slowly recovered as we learned new things. One of our biggest challenges was establishing a connection between the Pebble watch and the website. Although we had a Parse cloud database, we needed to establish a more specific connection between the platforms. After testing out many different ways to do this, we were finally able to find an efficient solution for our problem.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

As you may be able to see, the front-end of the app was given a lot of priority because we believe a good app provides the user with a better user experience. Therefore, we focused a great deal of time on our web front-end. We are also proud that we were able to connect the users using appropriate authentication of their Pebble device.

What we learned

After building this prestigious app, I learned many new concepts and ideas that I hope to implement in the future. I was able to explore more advanced javascript as well as how to integrate Parse effectively. Above all, it was a great experience learning how to program a Pebble app!

What's next for Durim

Acknowledging the hard work we put into Durim, we hope to continue to improve it and we hope to expand it to more platforms. This way, users would be able to access their data anywhere. Our main focus will be on setting up an iOS and Android platform for Durim.

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