We wanted to create an interactive and educational game where both foreigners and locals can enjoy. The game aims to introduce players to several interesting personalities they may come across while taking the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT), one of the more interesting bans in Singapore (durians are banned onboard MRT) and some Singlish terms.

What it does

The context of the game is set in the MRT, where durians banned. But recently, the overpowering durian smell has been detected on some carriages...The Durian king and his family with a heck care attitude has time and again brought durians on board the MRT while the other law-abiding Singaporeans cannot wait to chase them off the MRT. Players take on randomly assigned roles of Durian Kings, Stompers, Pretend Sleepers and more... while they battle against each other in a game of wit and deception to be the last ones remaining on the MRT.

How I built it

We used python and SQLite to build our project and hosted the game on telegram.

Challenges I ran into

Many! We ran into challenges at every stage! This was definitely a great learning experience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Actually getting the app to run properly despite the code not being perfect.

What I learned

Using python to create games on telegram.

What's next for Durian King

Our project can always be extended to make more variants of Durian King where the game is set in different locations with other interesting personalities.

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