We read online that there's been some opposition to the new Durham County Council HQ, so we decided make some pages to 'sell' all the wonderful projects going on in Durham.

What it does

We've got 8 new webpages; a virtual tour of the planned HQ site; a template booking system for when the HQ is done and people can use the hot desks; and a app that lets people connect with the old and new of all things Durham!

How We Built It

In true collaborative spirit: one person built the app, two did the front end web development, and one did the booking demo. We relied heavily on html, css, and java.

Challenges We Ran Into

We had three people on our team that are pretty new to coding, so that was a challenge! But team work is an amazing thing, and we learned sooo much!

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We're really happy with the final result and what we were able to achieve in such a short period of time.

What We Learned

Teamwork and helping each other out is the key to success. It was a great experience.

What's next for Durham County Council?

Moving into the Future—The demo pages for the other projects happening around the city need filling in! Videos, pics, text! Let's get people excited about the improvements we're making to our beautiful city:)

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