Our team consists of two fourth years at Durham University, Tom and Chiara. Tom is a 4th Year Computer Scientist and Chiara is a 4th Year Biochemist with minimal coding experience. We have both gone through countless applications for networking events and it is ridiculous how difficult they are to find and fill out. Therefore we have decided to create a platform that makes accessing events easier for students and easier for firms to reach out to students.

Essentially you are able to access the webpage using your Snapchat login details. Once you have logged in you are loaded onto a page with an interactive map. The map allows students to locate the area in which they are searching for an event. Once the area is selected you are able to see all the events in your selected location. You can further specify you search for certain firms or events using a search bar. The Snapchat login details are used to differentiate between campus reps for companies and normal students who are accessing the site looking for events. The difference between the two versions of the site are fairly minimal. It just removes the functionality for adding new events for students who are not reps.

We used a number of different technologies to make our web application possible. The backend was built using Node.Js and the frontend used general web technologies such as HTML, CSS and Javascript. To interface between the two we used HTTP requests created using jQuery.

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