A server, webpage and mobile app to handle and monitor footfall in clubs, with input from a custom built counter using a DragonBoard.

The aim is to allow clubgoers to view how busy different venues are on a given night, and allow club owners to view statistics about footfall. We use a simple input interface built using a DragonBoard, with only two buttons (one for entry, and another for exit) and two lights (for succesful and unsuccesful) for staff members to use when monitoring the door of an event. The information is stored and served to an app, which displays to a map for potential customers to see where is busy and where is quiet. More information is avaliable from a webpage which shows a history of maximum footfall, and allows staff to create new events, listing their opening and closing times on a given date.

A great many features can be built on top of this simple platform - dynamic pricing, for example, integrating other nightclub data streams, recommendations for nights out, seeing where your friends are going.

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