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During last year myself and Luka created Lukate Games, a name to operate under whilst we coded and created games for both Android and IOS. Our most recent production was a space themed level-based game called ‘Space Ark’. Unlike Luka who has been coding for 10 years and worked as software developer I have no prior coding experience. We split the tasks up mainly with me designing the sprites and overall layout of the game, whilst Luka completed the coding. Throughout the process I got extremely interested in programming and wanted to be able to contribute to that side of the project. Luka taught me the basics and I managed to progress, however the tools out there like libgdx and Unity were too advanced for a newcomer to understand. Upon hearing the theme of ‘Accessibility and Inclusivity’ it sparked my memory of this struggle and after consideration we decided to build ‘Game Drive’.

Game Drive is a game development, cross platform software that provides users with the ability to bring their ideas to life and develop their own games. Unlike Unity and other tools on the market it is an entry level tool, inclusive of all abilities. Providing anyone that wants to create a game the ability to do so, free of charge. The idea is to streamline the game making process in one easy to use click and drag tool. The end goal being that the user when using default settings only needs to upload imagery.

Building Process: • Developed an API using Libgdx and GSON. The API takes a set of JSON files and initialises the game. The API fully re-sizes and scales to any phone based of an initial phone size. • Developed API functionality to provide users with necessary functions to implement functionality into their game. • Began developing a GUI using swing. Created features to upload and preview images. Unfinished sadly 

Problems: • Developing the API and GUI was a lot more work than we anticipated. There is so much functionality we could include with collision detection, developing the physics library, implementing graphical features with fonts and animation etc. We also wish to link the API to google cloud to create an online repository with pre-existing game features and code.

Doodle Jump: • As a demo we developed a basic version of doodle jump. Combined the JSON and code files were around 400-500 lines of code. Comparatively without our API and structure realistically making this basic game could be up to 10-20 times more code.

We as a team of 2 that like sleep have had only a small amount of time to create this huge task but in terms of future developments and the scope of this tool, we believe that Game Drive could utilise google cloud to create a repository of pre-existing actions, triggers and events. From the online repository the API would inject precompiled classes ready for use on runtime. With more time we would increase the functionality, we have currently created a physics library with functionality for acceleration, impulses and gravity. Our API also includes animation features to allow users to produce different features such as fades, shakes and basic movement. The goal is that as the popularity of the tool increases the cloud will enable expansion, constantly making Game Drive even more efficient.

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