I was always into playing wordle and I played it a lot in my free time when I had nothing else to do. I decided since this year's theme was wordle, why not give it my all to make an even more interesting version of it. I got pretty addicted to wordle ever since it became popular and I've been playing it regularly. A couple days ago I was bored so me and friend decided to see who could solve a random wordle first. I had lots of fun and I thought why not make an advanced version of that idea.

What it does

Duordle is basically wordle with 2 competitors and a point system. It can help build vocabulary too since I guarantee that most people won't know even 50% of the words. Although some words may seem fake, they're all real and you can search them up too. There are 2 players, thus the name DUOrdle. The first player gets a random word out of a library of 12k+ words. The second player gets a different word. The players play regular wordle to find their word. If they gets it, their score is found by multiplying the number of attempts they has left and the number of seconds they has left. This encourages them to take the least amount of time for the highest score. If they fail to complete the puzzle within the given time of 1 minute, or fail to solve the puzzle in 6 tries, they get 0 points. This game goes on for 5 rounds. The player with the highest end score wins. I also made sure that if someone somehow miraculously solves it on the 60th second, having 0 seconds left, I would multiply by 1 instead of 0 therefore they can get points for solving it.

How we built it

I am doing this hackathon solo and after a lot of brainstorming and attempts, I thought of this idea and how I played something like this with my friend in person. I hopped onto and started coding right away. I used python since it's my favorite language to code in.

Challenges we ran into

I had a lot of trouble with the logic since it was confusing and there were a lot of edge cases and variables but after clearing my mind and thinking about it for a second I was able to figure everything out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm really proud of making this project so fast and without any help. I also think the game is quite enjoyable and it is very playable. Me and my sister were playing and it felt like a regular game that you could play, not some makeshift bad game.

What we learned

I learned a lot of new logic ideas and tons of syntax in python. For example, I learned about the connorama library and formatting text in the console. This project had so many variables and things to store so being organized and keeping track of everything was key and this trait can help me in life too.

What's next for Duordle

I am planning to make it an app on the app store once I add UI and finishing touches to it. I would also love to make it an online game instead of a single device screen share game. Another touch I would like to add is simultaneous playing instead of one player waiting for the other since that's not very enjoyable while they're waiting.

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