What it does

Front & Back camera app that makes it easy for artists to make quick, artist-branded videos without any editing or post-production (think Ableton, but for video). Social music videos are an important tool to help spread music. Most artists don’t have a way to enable their fans to make content with their tracks. With Dubble app that connects artists and fans who want to make and share social music videos quick and easy.

How we built it

iOS Mobile app turning on the front & back camera. After recording, we can apply Hypno's visual and music effects to the video. We can easily share it to social media or upload to Cloudinary which allow us to share the video links to all user. Dubble also ran through Dolby's api to make the sound better and reduce the background noise.

Challenges we ran into

Dolby's audio processing currently only run in the cloud. Ideally, it will be easier if it runs on the device.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A double camera app for an artist to use and quickly share on social media.

What we learned

We learn that sharing a video to social media is fun, however, having two channels of video opens up a whole new dimension of that fun!

What's next for Dubble

Push it to the app store.

Built With

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