A remote control pair of hands can be powerful in many fields. For example, it can be used for remote surgeries in rural areas, in space to repair parts without a manned mission, or in dangerous tasks such as underwater welding.

What it does

Duo mimics both left and right arms in real time using Leap Motion, node.js, and an Arduino Mega. In addition, a first-person perspective of the arms can be seen through a webcam connected to a VR headset. The webcam is capable of moving in two axes to point in the direction of the VR headset.

How we built it

Two modified open-source robotic arms were 3D printed. Servo motors were connected to an Arduino Mega. An inverse kinematics algorithm was coded in Node.js. Leap motion was integrated in Node.js. A webcam was fastened to two servo motors to allow first-person perspective. Much troubleshooting was needed.

Challenges we ran into

Motors not working

Inverse Kinematics

Time management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Figuring out inverse kinematics Figuring out how to integrate VR with minimal equipment

What we learned

Hardware projects take twice the expected amount of effort to complete

What's next for Duo: Remote Control Pair of Hands

Better servo motors, smoother inverse kinematics algorithm, better VR experience

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