DUO stands for "Do Unto Others" and Collegare is "Connect" in Italian. As a multicultural and interfaith team from the University of Calgary, we understand the many of the challenges that individuals and groups face in the realm of Interfaith Dialogue. The tumultuous 15-year journey of Francis, one of our team members, inspired us to tackle the challenge of creating interfaith relationships through shared experiences. For those one and a half decades, Francis was constantly faced with unfathomable challenges as a young refugee in Liberia.

What it does

DUO Collegare provides a platform to connect organizations and volunteers to inspire action, rather than just dialogue. We bring together people from diverse backgrounds to work towards a common goal: social good. From homelessness to natural disasters to mental health, we enable people to connect with one another, regardless of religious affiliation.

How we built it

We leveraged various web technologies to build a platform that provides smart event suggestions and filtering for volunteers.

Challenges we ran into

Because we held a grand vision for our idea, it was difficult to select a subset of our product to create for the hackathon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

As a team who has never worked together before, we got along surprisingly well! Our collaborative efforts allowed us to tap into our individual and collective strengths and skills, from ideation to organization to execution.

What's next for DUO Collegare

Starting local in Calgary, our next steps will be to go global!

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