We're bad at studying, but we like games.

What it does

Sets a timer for 25 minutes(shorter for purposes of the demo). The idea is to focus on work for this time and not be distracted by your phone or anything else. Completing this work period will deal damage to a boss.

How we built it

Built mainly in android studio, with some use of sqlite.

Challenges we ran into

Working with listviews, working with the database and being unable to update and change it in an effective way, learning to use Android Studio, learning to use git

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We got a working timer, managed to make some form of persistent data and read from a database.

What we learned

Git and Android studio in general. Working with the mobile format and the constraints and challenges it poses for performing various tasks. Don't use sqlite for android, there are many better alternatives.

What's next for Dungeons and Homework

Maybe better graphics, more bosses, items, game elements. Ability to track statistics and work done over time.


Mobile Development


We are seated in workspace 2.

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