Dungeon Crawler

An awesome RPG dungeon adventure game running on Blockchain and powered by Chainlink VRF!

  • Dungeon Crawler is an RPG adventure game built with phaser 3.
  • Dungeon Crawler interacts with Rinkeby Network with help of Metamask.
  • First RPG game that interacts with blockchain networks

    Basic Workflow

  • Users connect their Metamask wallet with the game.
  • Users have three lives which can be seen on the top left with the heart emoji.
  • There are lots of monsters, traps in the game which are to be avoided, users have a weapon as well (using the spacebar key will throw knives).
  • Enemies can be killed with knives and chest be collected in the game.
  • The chest directly transfers the Dungeon coins which are ERC20 tokens to the user's wallet. In order to win the game, the user has to find and collect the LINK token which is somewhere on the map protected by an evil angel.
  • On successfully clearing the game a user is rewarded with NFT which is minted with help of Chainlink VRF.
  • Tips : To go through the door user need to find a key that can be gained by helping the wizard and killing the evil angel.
  • All the minted NFTs metadata are stored on IPFS.
  • User has his/her cabinet where he/she can view the rewards earned and which are required for access to the next level.
  • Dungeon Crawler has a Dao as well where users can contribute to the game.
  • User(artist, creators) can contribute to the platform with assets like game characters, maps, monsters, etc.
  • Artists fill the form with specific requirements and wallet address which is displayed on the game dashboard.
  • Users can vote the maps, scenarios, and characters for the game by submitting the dungeon coin.
  • On a particular timeframe epoch we calculated the highest voted character and transfer the amount of dungeon token to the creator.

Challenges we faced

  • It was difficult to connect phaser games to speak with blockchain using web3 as phaser has issues with asynchronous requests.
  • We figured out the issue to tackle the interaction of phaser and web3.
  • Had issues with Kovan network so the entire ecosystem was moved to Rinkeby.
  • Most of us are solidity devs we wished to do something new so building an adventure game was a curve for us.

What we learned

  • How does chainlink VRF works.
  • How to build games on Phaser.
  • How does chainlink aggregator works.
  • Interacting with Metamsk with phaser engine.


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