I've been wanting to get into designing video games for a long time. So when we read the science fiction novel, Dune by Frank Herbert, I thought it would be cool to design a video game following his journey. Another source of inspiration is Pokemon. The same sort idea of traveling around a world. fighting others, and collecting items is incorporated into this game.

What it does

This game is a Desktop game where you can go around talking to players and picking up items. Your goal is to make it through all of the levels.

How I built it

I built the game using a game engine library called LibGDX. It's all built using Java and can be ported to Android, iOS and web as well as the regular Desktop.

Challenges I ran into

The time limit is the biggest challenge I ran into. I started this project recently and quickly realized that I would not be able to implement everything I wanted to. Learning the LibGDX library was new for me as well.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm really glad that I was able to get a functional demo ready in time. I'm hoping to go back and add everything the game is missing. Something I'm really proud of as well, is that this game was an opportunity for me to explore my artistic capabilities. I have some experience with Photoshop, but I've never created sprites before. This process has lead me to learn more about Pixel Art and has gotten me very interested in creating more art.

What I learned

The LibGDX game engine was very difficult to grasp at first. With time I started to understand it better and I would say that I am comfortable with most of the main features the library has to offer. I completely recommend LibGDX if you insist on developing with Java. Java is the language I feel most comfortable with, so I did. I hope to move on and learn other game engine libraries as well. I also learned a lot about game mechanics, various open tile world designing softwares, like Tiled, and how to design sprites using software like Photoshop and Illustrator.

What's next for DuneRPG

Ideally, I'll finish the game mechanics, such as the side view battle sequence and upload Android and iOS versions of the game. Some of my tilesets were too large and therefore would not load on these mobile devices the way they did on the desktop app because of image buffers being too small. Hopefully, I can overcome that issue as well.

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