Ive wanted to see what I could build solo in 24 hrs.

What it does

Its a videogame with PC android and Browser support

How I built it

I used GameMaker Studio 2, Graphics Gale & Aseprite(graphics), Visual Studio(data), and Cubase 10 (music) I wrote all of the code, designed 90% of the artwork, and composed the music.

Challenges I ran into

Writing the random dungeon generator code. I had to make certain each level was solvable.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I didn't sleep , I built a project to 90% completion solo. And I helped some other teams that were designing games too

What I learned

Rest is very important. Towards the end could barely type :) I may have been able to implement a lot more if I had a partner.

What's next for Duneoneer: Granny's Big Favor

Probably not much (work and school take most of my time) Id like more time to improve the AI and write more music.

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