The problem DumpIt solves

The year 2020 has been mutually christened by everyone around the globe as the worst year ever , with the coronavirus pandemic being the highlight of the year. As the global health care system fights the battle against corona , sanitation and proper disposal of infected waste are becoming the highly recommended weapons against it. The amount of biomedical waste being produced has increased by a substantiate amount and considering the lifetime and mutations of corona, substances like mask and gloves in households hold a huge risk of being contaminants. Thus, proper disposal , treatment and management of this waste has become the need of the hour.

Dump It is developed with the aim of making biomedical waste management available for everyone whilst maintaining the true essence of social distancing. We will connect households, institutions like hospitals and chemical labs to biomedical waste treatment plants by the click of the button !

Functionalities :

Provides easy access to biomedical waste treatment plants to everyone. Slot Booking so that it works on your time. Secure Payment features. Keeps you posted about your waste collection. Works as per the guidelines of the government hence records are maintained and sent to the BMW treatment plants.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a number of challenges during deployment and integration phases. From Nodemailer giving us a hard time , all of our files finding a very strong attachment one stylesheet for no reason at all and a disappointing outcome of having no deployment , we have faced them all.

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