This was a project that was started long back and was paused with the feature of News & Articles. LHD inspired to add a few (2) more APIs to make it better.

  • But, now it has got some additional capabilities, like it gives a brief about itself & showcases the commands available.

What it does

This is a Telegram Bot with 4 APIs integrated into it (in total).

  • Apart from collecting Top Headline News & Articles by Keywords, fetching Movie & Weather data, it has got some additional features. Thanks to LHD for the inspiration.
  • It now gives a brief intro about itself, showcasing the commands available.
  • It also sends back a dummy message, in response to a particular command.

How we built it

The Bot was built using Node.js. APIs used in the project are News API, Open Weather Map, OMDB API, and the Telegram Bot API itself.

Challenges we ran into

It's always fun adding new features to an old project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built a fully functional Telegram Bot with 4 different APIs.

What we learned

Learned how Telegram APIs work.

What's next for My Cipher Bot

Planning to integrate DialogFlow API to make it more interactive.

Built With

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