Why Alpha Meet-Script ?

Have youe ever missed a zoom meeting and been too lazy to go through the whole recording ? Well, then, Alpha Meet-Script is for you.

Save your time, and customise what yu see : )

What it does

  • Enter a video file and a keyword
  • You will get the whole transcript of the video file
  • You will also obtain a summary (in case you are short on time) which is just 30% of themost important lines in the paragraph
  • It also provides you all sentences where the keyword you entered was spoken

How we built it

  • Python
  • Symbl.ai
  • NLP
  • Spacy
  • Flask
  • HTML
  • CSS

Challenges we ran into

Have my English exam tomorrow and my mouse is glitching badly haha

  • I have never worked with Flask before for deployment but loved learning
  • Learnt how to use APIs Thanks to @Symbl.ai -Limited Experience in NLP

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building the model successfully and also deploying it on a local server

Built With

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