There was an app called S.M.T.H. which means send me to heaven. That app inspired me to make something similar to it. I added a feature in the app called Send Me to HELL, this feature asked user to throw the device as far as possible. As Dumblr is a silly app, we asked user to throw phone but at the end, we gave lesson to user that Never trust anyone BLINDLY. We added more features similar to it so that app could be uniquely Dumb and Silly

What it does

This app has five different features,

  1. Send Me To Hell:- This features was inspired by an app called S.M.T.H. which means Send Me To Heaven. SMTH asks user to throw phone as far as possible. The app in return tells how far the device was thrown. Send Me To HELL too asks the user to throw the device but at the end it gives user the lesson that we should never trust anyone blindly.

  2. Rate My FART:- This feature asks user to record its fart, the app in return will give rating to the fart out of 100. More the rating, amazing the fart. Lower the rating, poor the fart.

  3. Fidget Spinner:- This feature allows the user to spin a fidget spinner virtually in the app.

  4. Is it DARK Outside? :- This feature does nothing but reminds the user not to be dependent on anyone to know anything.

  5. Photo Trivia:- A Historical figures trivia game which has a twist in it! As Dumblr is a Silly app, Sometimes the correct option doesn't appears, sometimes the correct option is said to be wrong answer.

How I built it

I build the app through a non coding platform called Kodular. It has a simple user interface and the app can be programmed by joining the blocks. The complete app was made by Kodular.

Challenges I ran into

Making a complete app was challenging task for me and my teammates. Some challenges we faced:-

  1. Different Time Zones:- No one in our team belonged to same country so it was difficult for us to manage time to work together. So, we divided some part of work and tried to complete as much was possible.

  2. Working on same project together:- Kodular doesn't allow many users to work on same project. So, we made a common google account and logged in to Kodular and we worked at different screens at same time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I got a chance to work with teammates from different parts of world and I am proud that I got to know about more sources to make android apps. And For the first time I worked on a silly app.

What I learned

By this Hackathon, I got to know about culture of different parts of world because my teammates belonged to different parts of world and I got to know more about Kodular and tried making Silly app for the first time and also made trivia game in the app.

What's next for Dumblr

We will try to add some more features in the app like other minigames like Rock, Paper, Scissors and also would add multiplayer feature to the app.

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