We watched the iron man movie and decided that while Jarvis may still be years off, robotic arm swarms are here today. Or rather, they weren't yesterday, but are now.

What it does

We build a series of 3 (although could be more) robotic arms that can be controlled from anywhere in the world simultaneously.

How I built it

We build the arms using a series of laser cut and 3D printed parts. The coding for the arms was done using a NodeMCU Wi-Fi enabled arduino chip. The server coding was done in HTML/CSS/JavaScript with a backend written in Node.js

Challenges I ran into

First and foremost, the queue for the laser cutter. Beyond that we had trouble ensuring the arms would be strong enough to move by themselves and react appropriately.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Pretty much the whole thing :) We are particularly proud of the mechanical design of the arms, and the way with which the servos are incorporated.

What I learned

We learned more about CAD modeling and how to cut interlocking gears on a laser cutter. We also learned how to interface a micro-controller with a web server.

What's next for Dum-E IOT

Ideally world domination. In the long term. Short term we will settle for polishing our design and ideally using it as a kit to help teach robotics to people new to the field who wish to learn a bit of design, a bit of fabrication, a bit of wiring, and a bit of coding.

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