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What it does

Hexawrap is a reusable and compostable beeswax wrap that acts as a sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and plastic bags. In order to mitigate the problem of plastic pollution and bee decline as a result of global warming, Dulicious Co. hopes to use Hexawrap to educate more consumers about sustainable living.

How we built it

We partnered with a wholesale manufacturer and ethical beekeeper to produce beeswax wraps, but Dulicious Co. modifies the product with unique and custom-cut dimension sizes before delivering our final product, Hexawrap.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Dulicious Co. is ranked first out of Southeast Texas Junior Achievement companies as determined by the 2019 Trade Fair, and we are the 2019 Company of the Year's First Runner Up.

What's next for Dulicious Co. HCC IDEAS Pitch Slide Presentation

Please visit our website https://www.duliciousco.com for more information.

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