The inspiration for this project is two fold, interest from the group members as well a desire to analyze various factors that lead to wins for the Duke Men's Basketball team. By combining various pieces of data with total season wins, we are able to gain useful insights, thus the Duke Basketball Real-time Report was born.

What it does

This does real-time performance evaluations by creating dashboards that immediately give an answer about Duke Basketball using player data.

How I built it

This report was built with SAP Lumira.

Challenges I ran into

Difficulty turning data from the web into .csv format.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This data show the importance of rebounding and getting to the foul line.

What I learned

I learned that rebounding and attempting free throws wins games.

What's next for Duke Basketball Real-time Report

I built these line graphs solo. Next I would like to add a few more team members and see if anyone has ideas on how to further advance this project.

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