A few years ago I was looking for a way to meet new people. Being an introvert that had recently moved to a new area, I had no idea how to do this. I didn't want to just start going to events and trying to awkwardly stand there while I waited for someone to talk to me. Cause I certainly wasn't going to start a conversation in public with a stranger! I realized then, that there are no places that you can find local people that have shared interests, except dating sites. I didn't want to just look for dating potentials, I didn't even really want to date! There were no other good options, though.

What it does

The app, duitogether, is designed to work very similarly to a dating app, without the dating part. A user will sign in using Blockstack, create a duitogether profile including what interests they have, then will be able to see other local people who have the app and even be matched with people of similar interest. This will work well for people who aren't wanting to go to an event, but who may be picking up a new hobby. Maybe they are travelling and would like to meet people in the location they are visiting and chat with those people for new ideas and inspiration or maybe just meet up for a cup of tea!

How I built it

I used react to create the app, I used the Animal Kingdom script and edited it to give an appearance of what the sit should look like.

Challenges I ran into

I do not have any knowledge of React other than what I learned in the workshop offered here. Trying to create an app took a very long time, I created it about 5 times then had to delete it and start over as I was trying new things to get Blockstack implemented.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked really hard to try to get this app put together in order to demo it. I'm not sure it will be even close to ready to use this weekend, but hopefully I will be able to express the idea of it successfully.

What I learned

I have learned quite a bit about React and Blockstack. I hope to continue to pursue these things as I continue on my way in tech. I learned that sometimes, even searching Google doesn't get you the information you are looking for.

What's next for duitogether

With any luck, I can learn more about geolocation, coding that would match people in an area together, and some day launch the app for the public.

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