Part of what makes playing music so enjoyable is playing with other people and hearing how your part fits into the piece as a whole. For many non-professional musicians, finding the time to play with others is quite a challenge, and practicing on one's own, while beneficial, is not enough to fully master and enjoy a song.

Our Solution

We envisioned a user-friendly program that would play along with you, just as a partner would. Using Azure voice recognizion, Duet With Me can adjust a song's tempo and start at any location to accompany you as you practice and learn a piece.


No products currently exists on the market that allows amateur musicians to play their part with the rest of the ensemble. Our solution allows you to upload and combine different support instruments to compliment your musical role without the inconvenience of purchasing expensive software.


By using Duet With Me you are able to hear how your part fits into the piece as a whole. Cooperative learning has been shown to improve several key attributes of aspiring musicians such as retention, learning transference and most importantly confidence. (D. W. Johnson & R. Johnson, 1999; D. W. Johnson et al., 2007; R. T. Johnson & D. W. Johnson, 1984, 2002)

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