My love for all things Yu-Gi-Oh!

What it does

It is a application that keeps track of your life points and your opponent's life points as well as giving you a digital dice and coin for cards that require you to roll a die or flip a coin.

How I built it

First I spent about two weeks deciding what exactly I wanted in an application for Yu-Gi-Oh! Then I worked out what I could do and what couldn't be done as well as things that would take a long time do. Finally, I just came to the Hackathon at Florida Polytechnic University and just started to work on the code.

Challenges I ran into

Java doesn't have global variables and my own typos.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting as far as I did in the 24 hours of this hackathon.

What I learned

That when I do set my mind to something with programming I can do it well.

What's next for Duelist Tools

More features including tag team and battle royal and tablet/smart phone capability.

Built With

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